Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is the Doyle Estate sexy enough to own Sherlock Holmes?

Okay, I'm actually just writing today's bit of babble just to justify the headline.

With "BBC didn't think Benedict Cumberbatch was sexy enough to play Sherlock Holmes" and "Doyle estate insists Sherlock Holmes remains under copyright" competing for top Sherlock Holmes headline on my Google newsfeed, neither of which seeming particularly clickworthy, it just seemed necessary. After all the art of the click-inspiring headline has become something of an irritating art form on the internet . . . can you imagine what the titles of the sixty original stories of Sherlock Holmes would have been, had Doyle been writing them for some current web outlet?

"Watson takes a bullet, and you won't believe what Sherlock says next!"

"Wait, was that Sherlock Holmes in the front row of that concert?"

"When one of a pair of twins gets Sherlock Holmes in her bedroom, somebody has a riding crop!"

"Singing star's own "Game of Thrones" is hiding a royal . . . what?"

"Another math whiz struck down by a body of water -- and this time Sherlock didn't do it!"

"Boy beaten by Watson with wicket comes to Sherlock Holmes for help years later!"

"Watson leaves his wife for a drug den and hooks up with someone he used to live with!"

"Mrs. Hudson makes sure the man across the street knows her bust is the real thing!"

"You won't believe what TV's 'Elementary' is based on!"

Okay, so that last one's not Canonical, but I had to find some way to get off the subject and get on with the evening. But wait until the next post! It will be written by someone who looks uncannily like me!

Oh, internet.

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