Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The week of the Big Party.

Ah, for a teleporter and a scalped ticket this week!

SherlockeDCC hits the San Diego Comic Con for its second year in a row, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm more than a little bit proud of the Baker Street Babes for that. If life were a stage, this audience member would be giving them a standing ovation for that little feat.

With San Diego being the new Mecca of popular culture at this time each year, for right or for wrong, however this little moment in history lasts, just knowing that there is a Sherlockian presence there . . . a vital, exciting, and current Sherlockian presence there . . . it makes a statement.

Sherlock Holmes is a part of popular culture.

And while that might have once been seen as antithetical to any literary aspirations the fan of the literary agent's work might hold toward the Canon's place in the world, I think we can safely say things have changed. The Canon as literature and Sherlock Holmes as pop culture can co-exist quite nicely. Especially now that Cumberbatch and company have brought Sherlock to the modern day in a very infectiously enjoyable fashion, and we've seen that Sherlock Holmes is big enough to handle several levels of existence at once.

It's the sort of thing that deserves a party at what is already a massive party of sorts, celebrating legends, icons, storytellers, and the stories they've told. And you have to hand it to those amazing people who managed to put it together for our friend Sherlock, and sell the thing out in record time.

Something for my Sherlockian "bucket list," up there with watching the last episode of Elementary and bungee jumping Reichenbach Falls? Could be, through probably more attainable than that last one and less about endurance than that first one.

And it's not a prom. Yep. Not a prom.

Have fun, you lucky visitors to San Diego this week. I shall envy you all greatly.


  1. Oh those words - the last episode of "Elementary" - music to my ears.

  2. 5 seasons, sometime in 2018 for the last episode of Elementary. But then the associated series, Dr. Joan Watson and Detective Bell. Another 5 seasons, 2023. Then of course all copyright is gone and the new comic books about Dr. Joan Watson Vampire Killer gets us back to San Diego and Comic Con 2025 when Brad finally attends and completes his bucket list. Music to my ears.