Thursday, July 10, 2014

Your own Clyde and Angus.

I'm sure Howard Ostrom knew I couldn't leave this topic alone when he tweeted about it this morning: The CBS online store is selling Elementary merchandise to the fans. And it seems to be focussing on the non-Canonical side of Elementary, which isn't hard as the show is ninety-eight-point-nine percent non-Canonical.

It's also interesting to note that aside from the mandatory poster and t-shirts, scarves, loads of socks, and NYPD merch, the store seems to have picked the show's non-human characters, Clyde and Angus as its merchandising favorites. (A penny-pinching fan might want to go the way of this tumblr site that shows how to make paper versions of the pair. And I started searching for Clyde and Angus fanfiction, which I seem to remember existing, but wasn't having any luck.)

I never really had any fondness for Angus the phrenology bust, as phrenology is a pretty silly pseudo-science and it showing up so soon as an interest of the modern Mr. Elementary was one more nail in his not-Sherlock-Holmes coffin. And Angus had to serve as a weapon in one episode and was enjoyably smashed, so seeing him resurrected in the CBS store was definitely no thrill.

And while Clyde the turtle has always been a high point of Elementary in my desperate hours of enduring the show, his plushy representation seems a bit crude and not worthy of one of the show's standout performers. Its description does say stuffed Clyde is a puppet, though, so if you want to use him to wake up your co-tenant every morning, he might be good for that. (But here again there is a cheaper route: pull up a chair and just stare creepily at your flatmate like Mr. Elementary does until they wake up.)

Is there actually more Clyde and Angus merch for Elementary than Mr. Elementary and Joan Watson merch? I'll let you be the judge, as I don't know if socks count. (The idea of a Mr. Elementary cosplayer who does that outfit enough to need thirteen different pairs of Mr. Elementary socks is just a wee bit frightening.) But Joan definitely seems to be in short supply, and one would think a line of Joan Watson sleepwear would but just the merch the show needs.

But, hey, if you need to get an Elementary fix to get you over the mid-summer no-show hump, a little CBS store shopping might be right up your alley. They haven't quite lured me just yet.


  1. One would think that you would recognize Angus from the shelf of one of your favorite Holmes movies "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes". He is very prominent in the background when Gabrielle Valladon is first brought to Baker Street. "Elementary" referencing "Private Life"; who'd've thunk?

    1. How does that old saying go? "Even a broken clock is right twice a day." In the case of "Elementary," I'd bet that similarity was more accidental than intentional.

    2. It is also a nod to House, as he had a phrenology bust in his office. Neither House nor Holmes has an interest in phrenology, I feel sure. In Sherlock's case, he used the bust as a sounding board when no one else was available.