Saturday, April 11, 2015

221B Con 2015: The day Brad just ate cookies and fried his brain.

Transcranial stimulation. I learned what that was today.

Of course, my brain on 221B Con doesn't really need it. So many things I could write entire blog posts about, just from a few revelatory sentences from one of the many bright stars here. And some of those will come along in the future, but for now, it's time for a brain dump:

First thing: Three Patch Podcast live taping. Learned so much, including the fact I've apparently been writing for squee my entire life (except squee sounded different until B.C. came along) in the market model of fandom. And apparently I need a Beta, or should become a Beta, but I'm still kind of sussing out that concept, so maybe I shouldn't get one until I do. The Three Patch Podcast gang gave the audience a very simple question, "How has fandom changed your life?" and just let them talk. What happened after that was informative, diverse as hell, and so touching that you had to get misty-eyed at least once.

Second thing: Talking to a documentarian film-maker from a nearby university and saying some things that surprised me and got some nice words from the bystanders. More on that in future blogs.

Third thing: Hearing Howard Ostrom finish up talking about Sherlock Hound, after I missed his Russian Sherlock panel, which I heard good things about. Elementary tends to come up in Howard's comments at least once in every panel, and if we were buddy cops on a show where Elementary was the criminal, I almost think I'd let Howard be the bad cop.

Fourth thing: Ben Syder Q & A. Hearing an actor frankly discuss one of his movies when he's not on a publicity tour under studio gaze is a fun, fun thing. So many great stories about the thirteen day filming of the Asylum Films Sherlock Holmes, for a crowd that loved his movie as much as any big budget outing. From the crew of Americans trying to work in "the back end of nowhere in Northern Wales" to acting against unseen special effects (or non-existent telephones) to the Japanese fighter dog that set up a deadly "lady or the tiger" situation of "the bathroom or the dog," it was all good. Ben was charming and accessible, both in the Q&A and out at the autograph table afterward, and is now one of my favorite actors ever to play Holmes. (What can I say, I'm easy.)

Fifth thing: The premiere of Lee Shackleford's Herlock web series. Jonni Watts was smart. Sheridan Humes is smarter. Martha the cat is amazing. And the show really captured what a true Sherlock/Watson master/apprentice partnership could be like. Just go out to and get this thing. It's only $1.99 and you won't be sorry. It was amazing.

Sixth thing: The premiere of S(her)lock: The Web Series. These ladies didn't get the crowd they deserved partly due to the back-to-back two-hour web shows scheduling (that's a lot of sitting), and their product isn't available to the public yet, so those who missed out really missed out. Another female Holmes and Watson, yes, but a trans Watson and a cross-dressing Mr. Hudson all making a found family with Holmes at a modern 221B Baker Street gave it a whole new energy, with their version of "The Dancing Men," entitled, "The Voguing Men" looking like something that could definitely find an audience when they get it out there -- I know my friends back home would love it. And I got an autograph from Helen Davies (who played its Holmes), which made two for this con.

Seventh thing: The costume exhibition. A lot of favorites, a lot of memorables, but those would require pictures, and my brain had reached a point of being too fried to describe same adequately. Marilynne McKay (famed for her Mrs. Hudson's) and Ben Syder hosted, adding to the fun.

Eighth thing: Well, I'll be off to find that next. Leaving out the part where I just rolled off the grid after a full day of eating nothing but a couple of strategic Ali's Cookies (best cookies ever, just a few blocks away!) all day and found a guacamole and crepes place to crash and let my brain rest.

On with 221B Con. Having a fabulous time. Wish you were here.

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