Saturday, April 25, 2015

The value of post Reichenbach theory and "the other one."

This morning I was catching up on some very old podcasts and finding out just what lasting value all those theories and discussions of just how Sherlock survived "The Reichenbach Fall" really have.

That cliffhanger, designed to just get us from the end of season two of BBC Sherlock to the start of season three, spawned a mountain of research, analysis, and theory that should impress anyone. One would think that all that would have been somewhat ephemeral, losing all value once "The Empty Hearse" aired. But listening to old discussions, I've found that it did not lose its worth at all. Still thoughtfully educational and even a bit more entertaining with the knowledge of what came after, there is still fun to be hand there.

And time-travelling your mind back to that period in Sherlock fandom even has brand new results.

For example, go back to wondering how Sherlock Holmes survived falling off that building and then listen to a season three comment from Mycroft all over again:

"You know what happened to the other one."

The other one. The other Holmes brother. No name, not details, just "the other one."

Other brother? Other sister? Other twin brother?

And what if we actually already know what happened to "the other one?"

What if we actually already saw it?

Yeah. That. The corpse that looked just like Sherlock Holmes, and yet Sherlock Holmes was still alive.

I really doubt that BBC Sherlock will waste the potential wonders of a third brother on a character who is already in the ground. But it does give one cause to wonder if we're truly past all the fallout from "The Reichenbach Fall" after all -- well, of course we're not! (Silly me.)

"Miss me?"

Even if we haven't met you yet.

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