Saturday, July 11, 2015

A second dispatch from the Omegaverse.

"Why isn't he . . . ?"

"Where is his . . . ?"

"How is that . . . ?"

Nine chapters in to the epic Omegaverse tale I'm reading, and I finally ran into my first detailed sex scene, a wet dream that Omega Sherlock is having.

And suddenly, I'm twelve again.

Not only do I not understand the basic impulses for what is going on "on screen," but I'm not even sure how the mechanics of it are working.

Even in what is thought of as a tale with much explicit world-building, nobody wants to stop to give a "kid" a sex education class. I mean, we all understand how sex works, right?

Well, I thought I did. But somehow I think even Dan Savage would have a heck of a time puzzling Omegaverse sex out, t'were he suddenly dropped into Sherlock's wet dream.

Leading up to the first full-out chunk of Omegaverse porn in this novel, I wasn't really having too much trouble being a male reading a work plainly intended for a female readership. Yes, occasionally there might be a scene where John Watson seemed to forget he had a penis (Somehow "penis awareness" was not something I thought this blog would ever touch on . . .), but overall, it read pretty good. And since this is a fantastic universe with a wholly different biology, who's to say that those bits weren't out of place.

The problem is that I'm still not sure of how this biology works. The Gilded Cage did an excellent job of exploring the social ramifications of Alpha-Beta-Omega life, but I'll be damned if I have any clue what a "knot" is at this point, only that Alphas have one and Omegas want it inside them.

Like I said, twelve all over again.

In the novel, Sherlock Holmes wants a new mystery to distract him from being in heat, and I'm starting to sympathize with him, as a new mystery would be something I understand . . . and The Gilded Cage has done its casefic bits pretty nicely so far.

I just think I needed an "Omegaverse Sex Ed for Dudes" course before I started this little adventure.


  1. Oh, Brad, I'm laughing so hard! :-D)))

  2. Brad, chicks need primers on omegaverse, too. Heh. Believe me, your initial bewilderment is normal. I'm still not sure I get it, myself.

    1. Wow, that was an eye-opener, thanks!

      One thing still leaves me baffled; why didn't she/he/they simply make Omegas hermaphrodites, with some leaning male and some leaning female, but all able to reproduce, er, 'normally'? Unless there's some kind of body part fixation going on (lookit me, Brad, keepin' it clean!) that wasn't mentioned in the articles.


  3. That primer has cleared a lot of things up, thank goodness. Still quite a bit wide-eyed, though!