Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Funko-y Sherlock.

After all this time as a Sherlockian, it's very still strange to me to find Sherlock Holmes being all hip and trendy.

I don't know why I should be so surprised, since all those Marvel comic book characters that only true comic book nerds had heard of are now the stuff of blockbuster movies, but Sherlockians have always lagged far behind comic book fans and even Trekkies for sheer numbers. But it's a different world now. The latest evidence?

Sherlock has a Funko figure.

John Watson has a Funko figure. As does Irene Adler, Moriarty, and Mycroft.

If you've wandered through any pop culture convention, or now even a Barnes & Noble, you've probably seen the vast array of licensed characters that Funko makes big-headed vinyl dolls of -- so many that I feel sad for those hoarder/collectors your know are out there filling their basement with these things. And while they haven't hit Beanie-baby-in-a-Happy-Meal status yet, it's probably coming.

Happily for me, the collecting urge can actually lessen with age. Twenty years ago, I'd be snapping these silly things up without a second thought. Now, my first reaction is trying to think specifically where I would put them in our already over-populated-with-action-figures house. Books even have a hard time getting in the door sometimes these days, so these little guys will have to find younger Sherlockians with more available space to adopt them.

Still, it's good to see our hero represented in a pop culture arena like Funko toys. Now if we could just get that Lego Sherlock off the ground.


  1. Man, that's some fugly Funkos. I'd be more inclined to collect the Lego sherlocks, if I was a collector.

  2. Age is one factor - I also believe that the internet made it too easy to collect - things had more 'fun value' when they were harder to find. (the 'space' issue is big, I agree, as I ran out of room a long time ago!)

    1. Ain't that the truth! I used to get a thrill from stumbling into early edition James Bond novels at roadside flea markets. Now I can have all I want, if I'm willing to pay amazon for shipping. It just isn't a treasure without the hunt.