Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sleepy-time related Sherlockiana.

Ah, the Baker Street Irregulars of New York and the upcoming Holmes birthday weekend.

This morning, I awoke from a dream where a particular dedicated member of that organization had imprisoned me on a gothic spaceship to Mars, in a perversely forced relationship with a woman he longed for but suspected liked me better. That was the first BSI-related event that amused me today.

The second, which came a bit later, popped up in my Twitter feed:
The mere fact that that sentence could be constructed by a modern mind delighted me no end. There is something a touch "Alice in Wonderland" about it that tickles me, in the context of that Grand Old Organization. 'Tis the season for many a Holmes fan to make the pilgrimage to the old country of American Sherlockiana, and this year, there's going to be a "pyjama party" amongst the events.

"The Daintiest Thing In A Dressing Gown Pyjama Party and Charity Ball" being hosted by the Baker Street Babes is a marvelous thing, with an auction catalog that's truly fabulous. The fact that the whole thing is to raise money for wounded war veterans (like our old friend Watson) just pushed it over-the-top in sheer coolness, where it has been for a while now.

The "pyjamas" just make me laugh, as I first attended the Sherlock Holmes birthday weekend in New York when the invasion of tuxedos was just starting to establish a beachhead at the BSI dinner, to the dismay of many an older member. (Most new things at the BSI dinner have happened to the dismay of an older member or two, but that's just the nature of change.) And that particular evening of the weekend didn't get any less formal when the evening gowns started appearing in the nineties, so it's great to see another part of the larger event go "bedroom casual." Especially as a dressing gown would fit perfectly with that sort of attire. (Can you imagine an "all dressing gown" event? Oh, there's the scion society I want to join!)

As Caroline's tweet implies, nobody is getting any traction to BSI membership with a hedgehog onesie . . . yet. But the fact that such a thing exists and has a place to be worn, all Sherlock-related, makes that "yet" an appropriate word to use, despite the shouts of "NEVER!" that would surely come from some corners, t'were they to hear it. (Dismay of many an old member -- like I said, a constant.) There was some fun going on with the members of the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes once upon a time that no one thought would lead to BSI membership one day either. 'Tis the spirit that counts, and holding on to that spirit, in spite of whatever is going on in more established territories of Sherlockiana at said time.

Sounds like a lovely year to be in New York. In one's pyjamas.


  1. Make that long johns -- it is Jan. in N.Y.C. As I've always said, move Sherlock's Birthday to July or August, or you won't see me there. (grow up in N.Y. moved to Florida for a reason).

  2. Holy cow, that auction catalog is amazing.