Sunday, April 9, 2017

221B Con: Prepping for Sunday's Last Ride.

It's Sunday. Just woke up, reviewed the #221BCon thread on Twitter to see what I might have missed in the night, and then reviewed the panel list from yesterday to see what I missed during the day.

Reviewing one's own ability to take in all of 221B Con that one can has to be a forgiving process. I missed the Three Patch Podcast, though I'll get to hear it later once they drop it to the web. I missed "World Building for Writers" and I'd liked to have heard "OMG Check Please" just to confirm it was about what I thought it was about. (They give you a beautiful program book that describes every panel, but did I take time to read it, in the heat of 221B Con? Nope.) I missed Martin Powell's time, the second ABO panel, the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, Elementary . . . wait, I missed Elementary? I missed "Ele-frickin'-mentary?" Okay, I'm high on con now. If I had Hermione Granger's time-turner, I would loop back and see every single session at this con, including the unofficial ones, including the suite stuff, and the video room -- oh, yeah, I missed the Russian Holmes! -- there are LITERALLY hundreds of hours of programming at this con.

Of those hundreds of hours, six opportunities are left. SIX.

Less time than it took to drive here.

So bittersweet. Only one thing to do.

Start playin' "Stayin' Alive" on the iPhone and get ready to roll.

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