Monday, April 3, 2017

The 221B Con plan.

The phrase "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy," is Helmuth Von Moltke's contribution to popular culture, and with 221B Con coming on, it's hard not to be reminded of Helmuth's words. Not that the con, or its legion of attendees, are the enemy, nor is it in any way a battle -- past experience just counsels that outside of hitting certain must-do marks, it's best to let the con take you where it will.

Between 5:00 PM Friday and 5:00 PM Sunday, there are: Six session locations running up to five different panels/demos/events during any given hour. A viewing room running an amazing variety of video the whole time. Unofficial events going on in places like the Three Patch suite. Random friends turning up in the hotel bar. Dealer's room shopping available for any open spots. And the unexpected. Always the unexpected.

Here's my current must-do plan:

"Fandom Generations" panel 9:00 PM Friday.

Fandom burlesque at 10 PM Friday.

The costume exhibition at 5 PM Saturday.

"Fannish Estate Planning" panel 6:00 PM Saturday.

"Arthur Continuity Doyle" panel 8:00 PM Saturday.

The panels are the one's I'm sitting on. The costume exhibition is fun to watch, aaand maybe also participate in this year. And the fandom burlesque show? Just in the audience for that one -- it was amazing last time out, and my own burlesque talents are nowhere near anyone in that company! (Editor's note: As far as anyone knows.)

And then there's the part of the plan that's taking up a lot of time this week that you'll have to show up at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center's Tyler room at 8 PM Saturday to find out. It'll get a mention here after that, I'm sure, but why wait later than eight on Saturday?


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