Monday, April 24, 2017

That New York question.

It's not even May, and I've already had the question a few times already:

"Will you be in New York next year?"

The question doesn't need any more detail to anyone familiar with more traditional Sherlockian venues. It's practically a traditional Sherlockian farewell -- yes, we're parting, but there's always that great big gathering in New York that happens about the time of Sherlock Holmes's birthday every year. It's a simple, happy tradition, a universal statement of Sherlockian friendship and happy hopes for the future, right?

Except, maybe not so universal and maybe even . . . troubling?

No, don't be silly! It's all good! Sherlockians are the best people, and any chance to be in that grand company is mandatory fun!

Yes . . . of course . . . except . . . .

So many great Sherlockians to see! New York City itself! The annual BSI dinner! Cocktail parties! That special speaker thing! Book shopping!

Well . . . I . . .

The whole family will be there! Auntie Violet will want to see you! It may be her last Christmas, you know!

Hey, wait . . . when did this . . .

And you don't want to make Uncle Mike sore. You heard what he did to cousin Jon!

I'm not . . .

There are people making it all the way from France! Japan! Australia! You don't have to go nearly that far!

But I don't live that . . .

You went to 221B Con!

Yes, it's more cost-effec . . .

Sorry, got to go! Will you be in New York next year?


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  1. You should answer: 'Once you've been to Peoria, who need New York?'