Sunday, May 7, 2017

Heather Holloway is my hero.

Well, in case you weren't hanging around Facebook this weekend, it's been an interesting time. The Old School met the New Wave and there was a wee bit of a crash, the debris from which is still coming down.

It all began with "I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere" and a news update on Cinco De Mayo, whilst many of us were out having a sangria:

Of interest to some more than others, and a proper change. Facebook, of course, being one giant comment section, there were comments. One of which was:

A funny little quip, appropriate especially in our current political climate. But, apparently, not so funny to those to whom the history and significance of the Speckled Band of Boston weighs heavily as a matter of serious Sherlockian importance. So Heather got some responses. A lot of responses.

The best of them tried to fill supply her wondering with the many reasons that particular Sherlockian society actually did take so long to get to what would seem a 2017 no-brainer. The worst trotted out their standard arguments for any tradition or just tried to tell her to shut up. Enough Sherlockian baggage got thrown out on to the comment thread on Heather's post that you'd have thought a full flight had just come into LaGuardia for the birthday weekend.

And yet, Heather did not run screaming from all that came her way. She responded, discussed, tolerated, disagreed, and generally faced what was surely an unexpected avalanche with a patience that would have been beyond many of her elders' capabilities.

We're far from done with discussion of who gets into the exclusive clubs wing of Sherlockiana, and as the reactions to Heather's quip showed this weekend, there's a lot of heat still wrapped around how that issue affects us, and whether or not we should even have opinions upon it. It's definitely a topic that I've written on before and will write on again. But for this weekend? I think enough has been said already on the topic and we need our rest.

I do, however, want to give Heather Holloway the many kudos she deserves for dealing with the fallout. She's had my admiration for years as a part of the 221B Con team, which requires dealing with some crazy stuff under pressure. But after this latest little Facebook bit?

Heather Holloway is my hero. Glad to have her in Sherlockiana.

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