Saturday, May 6, 2017

Random Sherlockian thoughts from a few days off.

Occasionally something comes up that's not really a full blog-post of material, doesn't really seem like a tweet, yet seems like it deserves a note. The past few days had a few of those, so it seemed like a good time for a catch-all post. On with the notes!
  • A visiting friend brought me a copy of The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes by Bruce Wexler that he'd found at a discount store. The dustjacket declares it is "The Official Book of the Sherlock Holmes Museum, 221B Baker Street, London." I'm sure I'm not the first person to wonder why the official book of the Sherlock Holmes Museum isn't The Complete Sherlock Holmes, which the place owed its livelihood to.
  • Occasionally I sleep in a t-shirt that has the text of the first four stories from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes printed on it. And occasionally I consider turning it inside out to see if the nerve cells in my skin can be trained to read the Canon in my sleep.
  • Another male-only Sherlockian group went co-ed this week. Sherlockians are plainly very tolerant about waiting for sexists of another age to come around, but one has to wonder if we would feel the same if they waited until 2017 to quit being racist rather than "just sexist." This year in particular, the image of a table full of old white guys deciding to allow women to do something is probably not going to get the cheers it would have a few decades ago.
  • I swear that the troll doll that appears in both The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume Two is a Sherlock troll doll without its hat. Searching on-line images of Sherlock troll dolls looks like the pattern on the cloth is different. Is there a Sherlock troll doll collector out there who has more that two patterns of cloth on the doll's faux-Invernesse coat?
  • Far too many of my friends who would be great to co-host a podcast with are not Sherlockians. This might be a good thing, being under the category of "things the world is not yet ready for." (Especially for those who like to avoid controversy in their Sherlockian lives.) We need more Sherlockian podcasts out there, expanding our variety of voices and shared experiences, for as much as I like the written word, that same word with tone, inflection, etc., can have a lot more depth. One of these days . . . .
  • Still no word on the street whether or not CBS's Elementary will survive another year, though there are rumors of it getting staff together. If this year is its "The Last Bow in Name Only," I hope we get enough warning for a decent eulogy.
Well, that's enough randomness for now. Back to one-train-of-thought blogs tomorrow.

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  1. Some random thoughts on your random thoughts. That book sounds official - for tourists. On troll dolls - only have 2 of those ugly things - both with differing patterns. Don't listen to pod casts - no interest. As to the 'E' show - read that it is the "2 most popular show that fans want to save. Go figure.