Sunday, February 25, 2018

Time for focus

So I'm waiting for my computer to finish some little chore that I've instructed it to do, and I'm staring at the wall to the left of the screen. The view looks , in part, like the picture above. And as I contemplate this odd assortment of Sherlock-related bits, each tying to some particular memory . . . except maybe the goat hooves . . . it reminds me of a thought I've been having a lot lately: The need for a cure for loss of Sherlockian focus.

Now, we can get into the over-used amateur diagnosis of "attention deficit disorder," but given the breadth of this hobby we call Sherlockiana, I think we can actually call loss of focus a natural occurrence in the pleasurable sphere we've chosen to spend our free time in. There is just so much that calls to your attentions.

Do I listen to a podcast? Do I read some fanfic? Do I watch a YouTube video? Or do I sit my posterior down and write on one of the three projects aside from this blog that I'm whittling away on. There are more ideas out there these days than any Sherlockian can process, even if you're just taking it in. Add output to the equation, and you're looking at darting from Sher-thing to Sher-thing, as fast as you can go. And sometimes, you have to stop and wash the dishes.

Winter is starting to pass here in the midwest. And as it does, Sherlockian events are going to start picking up. Events one needs to be a little bit ready for. In two short weeks, the fifth "Holmes, Doyle & Friends" takes place in Dayton. Less than two weeks, now, actually. Yikes.

So it comes time to start looking for the outcroppings of this mountain of Sherlock that one really wants to put one's hands on. The ones that might lead to someplace worth climbing toward. Time to focus on something and move forward.

And on into 2018 we go.

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