Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Forget the opening, let's get to the sequels!

Eagerly awaiting sitting though Sherlock Gnomes on Fridays almost as much as I'm looking forward to discussing "Yellow Face" tomorrow night at the library, so it seems like a little Gnomesian experiment is needed to help get through the week. We don't know how Sherlock Gnomes is going to do at the box office, but it's predecessor, Gnomeo and Juliet, obviously made it to a sequel, so I guess there are hopes. But what would a sequel to Sherlock Gnomes be?

Sherlock Gnomes: Game of Grottos suggests itself immediately, following the Downey pattern.

Mr. Gnomes could follow the title character into his old age.

The Privet Life of Sherlock Holmes would be a slightly iconoclastic untold tale.

The Seven Persimmon Solution could use a seeded variety of the fruit to combine "Five Orange Pips" and jam addiction so Gnomes can meet Jerome Monroe Smucker.

The Great Moss Detective -- this one, ironically, live action.

The Garden of Fear really intrigues me, as like the Rathbone House of Fear, the six garden gnome Napoleons who live in the same garden are being smashed one by one in a "Ten Little Indians" scenario, which makes this movie more Canonical than the Rathbone, curiously enough.

Young Sherlock Gnomes, of course, if garden gnomes have childhoods.

The Spider Gnomen, The Gazing Ball of Death, Sherlock Gnomes in Washington, Dressed by Mankini . . . going further down the Rathbone road offers a large supply of titles.

I feel like the Travelocity gnome should be Sherlock Gnomes's Moriarty, which could add a lot of different locales to a movie. The Air-fare of the Vatican Cameos, for a more Canonical, less movie-based title?

Waterspout A Clue? Birdbath by Decree? The Crucifer of Mud?

Okay, the old racing engine is sputtering badly at this point. Any ideas of your own for Sherlock Gnomes movie sequels? The Hound is still out there! (And TV spin-offs, like Gnomementary or Sherlock . . . but I guess that last one stays the same, so we could look at the original as a retro-fitted spin-off, I guess.)

In any case, a lot of Sherlockians going Gnome for the weekend. Hope they all make it back!

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