Friday, March 23, 2018

Sherlock Gnomes: Questions Answered!

Okay, the movie Sherlock Gnomes is out and Sherlockian minds want to know:

Is it any good?

Well, it's not a great movie. But it's pleasant enough, and moves at a nice pace.

What's the story, without spoilers, please?

Gnomeo and Juliet are having relationship issues upon moving to London, and their ensuing adventure with Sherlock Gnomes and Dr. Watson teaches them an important lesson.

Did the scriptwriter show any evidence that he read the actual Holmes Canon?


Are there Sherlockian things beside Sherlock and Watson?

Yes, references to things Sherlockian that most people know, used randomly. Moriarty, Irene, a Baskerville hound. 221B is the number of the grate on Doyle's Doll Shop where you enter Irene Adler's theater/home and the doorman is Gregson. Make any sense to you? If so, good for you!

How is there a Sherlock Gnomes?

Garden gnomes in the intro decide to adapt The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. They even have the book in front of them. But they don't appear to have used it. Mainly it seems they want to make movie adaptations like "Indiana Gnomes" and "Gnome Country For Old Men" (I think I just made that last one up, as I can't remember the others.) so it makes sense they only know what Sherlock stuff has been in movies.

Are there any other Sherlock Holmes actors voicing this thing?

Michael Caine. Given his particular Sherlock, it kinda fits.

Where there any Sherlockian references that got you excited?

They mentioned plane trees. I don't think it was purposefully Sherlockian, but I'm Canon-crazy enough that I went, "YAY! PLANE TREES!"

Did the preview reflect the movie accurately?

Yes and no. The soundtrack is Elton John oldies, both played from the originals and used as action music ("The Bitch is Back" was without words. Kiddie movie, you know.) But there was not nearly as much Mankini in the film as in the preview.

Should I go see this movie?

Did you see Gnomeo and Juliet? (I did.) Is your heart soft enough to go "Awww!" when characters admit their true feelings for each other in an animated film? I think you know whether or not you should go see this movie without me telling you.

Anything else?

If you do see it, explain Moriarty to me. This was the most odd and unrelatedly "What the hell?" Moriarty ever.  Oh, and Sherlock Gnomes uses his mind palace to do all his thinking or just to get out of conversations he doesn't like, and his mind palace is black and white cartoons, and . . . well, we'll save psychoanalyzing what goes on in there for when it comes to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Are you done?

Yes, I'm done. I'm marking the checkbox for "Seen it, blogged about it, on with the weekend!"

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  1. I'm watching Sherlock Gnomes right now (I know, a little late to the show). I did chuckle when I saw the name of the flower shop where Gnomeo is going to find Juliet's favorite flower: Wisteria Lodge.