Sunday, May 6, 2018

Time to upgrade "Canon?"

(Kettle drums, please.)

Once upon a time, the primitive ancestors of our modern Sherlockian culture crawled from their caves and spoke in the language of their time. Having discovered their holy text, they named it for the only one taught by their dawn-of-Sherlockiana shamans and called it "Canon." And it was good.

But as centuries passed (well, one, anyway), and our kind became more aware, created new marvels of word technology, and grew in language and understanding, other tribes adopted our ways as well. "Canon" became that word for any origin text, and even within our single culture, multiple Cani arose, and there even came a term for the holy writ within one's own mind, the "headcanon."

And, lo, the word "Canon" became as words on the Babel tower, and confusion rained upon the land Sherlockian.

(Okay, stop the kettle drums, I'm tired of using that voice.)

So, anyway, I'm mowing today, and thinking about comic books, which should have nothing to do with this, even though I recently blogged on Sherlock comics, but I remembered this Jack Kirby thing called "the Source." And I thought, "As Sherlockiana evolves, and embraces alternate realities of Sherlock Holmes, as it seems to be doing with serial Sherlocks, why not make the original Canon just 'the Source,' so when Elementary Canon comes up or Sherlock Canon comes up or Sherlock Holmes and Dinosaurs Canon comes up, we can just say 'the Source' and get back to the starting point of it all?"

Might have to try that out a bit and see if it has any stickiness.

So back to reading the Source, as I have some projects to catch up on.


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