Wednesday, September 23, 2020

It's Enola Holmes Day!

 "It's a jolly holiday -- Enola!
"Enola makes the world so bright.
"None of us still own a Victrola,
"But Enola entertains just right!"
                  -- Re-lyricized Mary Poppins song

No spoilers, no review, just a few words to celebrate the best September holiday of 2020, Enola Holmes Day! 

Didn't you get the day off work where you are? Well, did you ask for the day off? These holidays gotta start somewhere, chums! 9/23/2020! Enola Holmes Day! Hurrah!

And like my typical Christmas morning look at Santa's gifts under the tree as a child, I was up at 4 AM watching Netflix. And, after hitting the store to get the ingredients for tonight's Enola Holmes Day feast, I went for an envigorating constituional, followed by this bit, cleaning up, and then heading out to deliver the Enola presents to all the good little Sherlockians. (Or at least those I needed to take some duplicate Sherlockian books to anyway, and, hey, I got the day off!) (Also, sorry, Rob, you live just too far away to fit into my Enola day. Maybe I'll pay you compliments of the season two days from now . . . oh, but that's Friday, I have to work . . . sorry.)

Can you tell I'm just filled with the Enola Holmes Day spirit?

Still working my way through the book series, but today I'm also reading the IDW's Euro Comics adaptations today . . . which means I now have three versions of Enola Holmes in my head.

There's so much I want to say about that character and her supporting cast of characters, but the day is still young and at least one more viewing awaits. So in any case . . . .


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