Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Digging out.

The snow has been falling all day here in Sherlock Peoria. Time to roll up the sleeves and start digging my way out of the drifts . . . the drifts of Sherlockiana.

Over the past few years, my Sherlockian library has become quite the uninhabitable place. Stacks of books and papers, miscellaneous trophies from curious adventures, all the odd clutter that one would expect of someone who likes Sherlock Holmes a little too much. Add to that mess the remains of a second Sherlockian's library and related files, and you get something that makes a beloved hobby someone frightening, like it is actually going to bury and smother you at some point, especially when there's a new cat in the house who likes to try to climb the piles.

This year is going to be a year of Sherlockian spring cleaning like no other. And since I hate eBay and don't really like the thought of selling Sherlock, it looks like it's time to play Johnny Watsonseed and spread the Sherlock around. Exactly what and where and to whom has yet to solidify, but I have some ideas. It will be interesting to see how much stuff I can actually get out the door.

I have another excuse for tonight's advent of the spring cleaning season, amidst a snowstorm, but that is coming in another installment of the blog, already leaked on Facebook. And that involves not only a lot of cleaning, but some rebuilding as well. More to come.

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