Monday, February 11, 2013

Watching that CBS Sherlock Holmes.

Tonight I watched that CBS show with Sherlock Holmes and a female Watson.

They were getting into an exclusive club, much like the Diogenes, with a British-accented fellow letting them in the door. Holmes's savvy got them in, to Watson's glee. Once there, Sherlock met a real hottie and slept with said hottie . . . yeah, it's not Canonical, but I suppose we have to make some allowance for the transition to the modern day. As a result, they were summoned to a private plane, where Watson revealed the ability to speak French, a little bit of a switch from Holmes being the one with French ancestry, I know, but hey, I'm open to changes. Sherlock Holmes, they announce, has never been on a plan before, which is completely Canonical.

They drink champagne, a drink which does appear once in The Valley of Fear.

They conspire to get secret photos of a celebrated individual . . . hmm, "A Scandal in Bohemia," anyone?

Uh-oh, the subject of cocaine comes up as Holmes talks to the pilot. I hate that they're bringing up the drugs, but at least it's cocaine and Holmes doesn't seem to be the one with the problem.

Holmes and Watson wind up in an inn in Kansas . . . probably in the neighborhood of some Garridebs, relaxing in their dressing gowns before a musical performance Holmes was eagerly awaiting.

Monday's Sherlock Holmes show on CBS is only a half hour long, so it ends all too soon. But in that single half hour, they included all those references to the original Sherlock Holmes stories, so I find I'm completely satisfied . . . well, that and the fact that the actress they have playing Sherlock Holmes is completely geek-hot. And I totally loved her in Thor, so the makers of the show obviously thought if Robert Downey Jr. could be in Iron Man and do Holmes, Kat Dennings could be Sherlock Holmes, too.

The title CBS uses on Monday nights . . . Two Broke Girls . . . is not as obvious as the BBC's "in your face" title Sherlock. But if you have the time, and don't listen too closely to that "names" part of the dialogue, I think the ardent Sherlockian will find plenty of nice Canonical detail to enjoy.

Just be careful at the next meeting of your local scion society, or you might have to listen to those old school Holmes fans who are just sooooo picky about their Sherlocks.


  1. This "old school Holmes fan," who is admittedly VERY picky about who plays her favourite hero, is laughing out loud...

    1. Hold on for March, Melissa, and we'll get a scion meeting going so you can tell me how bad that show I like is!

    2. I'm holding you to that, Brad. I'll only be unavailable for one week in March--when I'll be in Minnesota visiting friends. And, thanks to you, I will be making a trip to the University of Minnesota's Holmes collection (on my birthday)!

  2. Bwahahahaaa! You really had me there! Had to read that twice. Monday? New air date? Wonder why I didn't hear anyone mentioning this? Half hour? Two girls? -> BAM!!! But yeah, you're right, plenty of canonical references. ;-) Hey, I challenge you to find a Sherlock Holmes show for every day of the week!