Sunday, February 3, 2013

The wailing of the Elementary fans.

Now, I know I've been cruel to fans of CBS's Elementary on occasion in this blog. But I don't think I did them nearly the damage that CBS and the Super Bowl did to them tonight.

The idea at first, had to delight them. Their favorite show in a slot where more people would see it, and hopefully come to their point of view. A special episode, one that hopefully, had the showrunners doing their best for such a showcase timeslot. But what did Elementary fans get?

A long evening of being forced to watch football when they only wanted to see their favorite show.

It's 10:44 Eastern time as I write this and the game just got over, with the post-game show still to come. That means fans in Mr. Elementary's home city will probably be up until midnight or later to see their hero's big show. And they're not happy.

In the last hour, the #ELEMENTARY hashtag on Twitter has been flooded with tweets from the shows faithful, and there has been no love for the Super Bowl, to be sure. And if the length of a normal football game wasn't bad enough, a huge power outage added another half hour to the game. (Indy Sherlockian Pat Ward actually accused us Elementary haters of causing the outage. We're pleading the fifth.) There is no joy in "meh"ville tonight.

And now East coast fans of Elementary will be groggy at work in the morning, forgetting to ask people if they want hash browns with their Egg McMuffins . . . aw, I'm just kidding, you crazy kids. On the upside, at least it was a pretty exciting game. And if you're a true Sherlock Holmes fan, you had to be for the Baltimore Ravens, just for the Poe connection, and, hey, they won! Go, Poe!

And now, for that very special Elementary. I'm sure it will be the best Elementary ever. (Maybe Gregson will punch Mr. Elementary two times this week!)



    1. Well, I suppose the bright side is that Australians aren't any more Sherlockianly advanced in general than Americans. Still, so sad . . .

  2. Ah! US viewer ratings are in: Ep. 14 - "The Deductionist" - February 3, 2013 - 20.80