Sunday, December 15, 2013

And so it begins . . .

Finally, this weekend, we were treated to the return of seeing Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman combining their talents again -- though some more than others.

Here is Peoria, as in most of the world, it was on the big screen's The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which also featured a certain Mycroft from another Sherlock Holmes franchise. But while most of us were seeing the hobbit and the dragon do their stuff, there were those lucky few who got to see the first episode of Sherlock, season three, at the BFI National Film Theatre in London . . .

. . . which means there are people out there like ticking time bombs of spoiler devastation, otherwise lovely souls who are now targets of bitter jealousy, and a whole lot of patience and avoidance testing for the rest of us.

Seventeen more days for residents of the United Kingdom.

Double that for those located in the United States. Thirty-four days.

Thirty four days of deciding whether or not to dodge the normal internet trails Sherlockian news and opinion. The holiday season may make that easy for the first half, but once early January and the UK premiere hits, then things really get obnoxious. And while there are those Sherlockians who are probably about as concerned about the new Sherlocks as I am about last Thursday's Elementary (that I still haven't gotten around to watching), I'm not one of them.

Thirty four days.

Going to be an interesting time.


  1. First impressions by everyone I've read so far are overwhelmingly positive!

  2. Apparently Caitlin Moran made BC and MF read out explicit fanfic during the Q&A at the BFI and now a shit storm is raging in the fandom. What a stupid, stupid thing to do! Here you have a part of cast and crew at the press screening and could ask them all sorts of interesting questions about the new series - and you do *that*?! They all looked truly uncomfortable about it and I'm doing what is called "fremdschämen" in German. When you feel very ashamed for someone else as if you had done it yourself although you couldn't have done a thing to prevent it. Sheesh!

  3. This is about the only internet spot I hit, so I need not worry about spoilers... besides, I think that my solution to the Reichenbach Fall is correct (stated here earlier) and can easily wait to be proven right or wrong.