Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Never mind.

Well, there comes a point when even a brazen blogger knows it's time to shut his mouth.

But y'know, you still just want to make some notes about a current event in the world of Sherlock Holmes, acknowledge that something happened, maybe even openly ponder it a bit.

But, wow . . . .

Sherlock fandom is scaring me right now. Nothing directed at me, mind you, and I truly appreciate the explanations given by commenters on my last blog. But, man, don't send me any links to editorials on the Caitlin Moran situation. Because I might read them and actually want to make a remark or two . . . and then feel all courage drain from my body.

Because a.) I have XY chromosomes, and b.) While I'm a big fan of fanfic, and have actually written some back in the days of the printed 'zine, I'm not a part of the current Sherlock fanfic community. And right now, expressing an opinion from either of those positions feels a lot like it might get a flamethrower pointed in your direction.

I've had people mad at me in the Sherlockian world. I've had some uncomplimentary things said or written about me on occasion. But even my worst day was nothing compared to the radioactive intensity of what's going on out there at the moment. And it doesn't feel like it's all focused on Caitlin Moran, some of it seeming like she was just the spark that set off a lot of pent-up feelings that were out there already.

So I'm not saying nuttin'. Except what I just said. Which I probably shouldn't have said.

Never mind.

Perhaps I should just go do something a little gentler on my nerves . . . like preparing to give a talk at a con full of rabid Elementary fans.


  1. Yeah, that is fandom at its worst, which is why I avoid having much contact with any of it, except for occasionally commenting here or there.

    But it's still not as bad as LOTR was back in the day. There the crazies were out in full force.

  2. ???????
    The first people (including me in my post about the matter) are already suggesting that we move on, so I am not sure what you are referring to.
    Concerning the "pent-up anger"...I guess most people are defensive of the actors or their hobby, or both. We don't like to see the actors uncomfortable with their fans.

    1. Perhaps you're not quite up to date? After the initial Moran-hate had grown stale it's now: "The BBC should apologise to the fans!" "Cast and crew of Sherlock should apologise to the fans!" "The whole world should apologise for oppressing female creativity for thousands of years!" And this is still without the latest MF debacle.....

    2. Is this from twitter? Because it is very different at the site I frequent...it's my policy to ignore everything Twitter-related, because it is always the place with the worst fanatics, no matter what fandom.

    3. It's not only twitter, it's all over the net, look whereever you want: twitter, tumblr, LJ, DW, ONTD, Jezebel.... the ususal suspects.

      If you just look at one site you'll hardly get the whole picture.

    4. sites...was a typo.....but as someone who prefers to stick around BlogSpot, wordpress, fanpop, the Sherlock fan forum and some other forums with Sherlock topics, I most likely only see side waves. There is no need to delve into the insanity which is Twitter and tumblr.


    I was already starting to get desperate because no one told anything and I really like to go prepared into things like S3. I would never have made it through S2 without seeing spoilers on YT before. Thankfully everyone on twitter warns for spoilers being posted un tumblr which made it easier for me to find them.

    What I've found so far sounds pretty dam GREAT to me! *happyhappy joyjoy*

  4. I have to say though, while *I* appreciate spoilers I don't think it's okay to spoil people who want to stay spoiler free by posting them under the "Sherlock" hashtag and/or to swamp people's ask boxes with them. That's a shitty thing to do. There's one German twitter account whose owner was asked by BBC One explicitly to take them down and she just shrugged and said no. Lovely. (NOT)