Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hat's on to Benedict Cumberbatch!

The word is spreading acrossing the internet lines . . . the deerstalker may be in for a big-time comeback in season three of BBC Sherlock.

The deerstalker.

That completely ridiculous, "Hey, I'm a nerd!" hat that I've never felt good about putting on my head since day one as a Sherlockian. I've owned one forever, sure, but actually wearing the damn thing, even if I'm dressing as Holmes? Give me a top hat any day!

A batch of pictures appearing today show quite a few deerstalker shots and Martin Freeman himself tweeted, "The deerstalker looks like it's a 'thing' now."

And all I can hear in my head is a paraphrase of a Matt Smith Dr. Who line: "Deerstalkers are cool."

Deerstalkers are cool?

Maybe not yet, but if Benedict Cumberbatch actually wears the thing for a decent amount of time in the next season of Sherlock and makes it look cool?

If the guy pulls that one off . . . well, I know this might upset a few fans of this actor or that actor, but . . . I'm totally giving him the Basil Rathbone crown of Sherlockness. (Yes, I'm a Rathbone guy at heart. At least until B.C. makes the deerstalker cool.)

The damned deerstalker hat. Who'd have thunk it?


  1. A Rathbone Man as well, I've happily worn a deerstalker, man and boy, since 1971. Even worse, I affected a walking stick around the same time (purchased in a junk shop in Tavistock, Devon),until shattered a few years later by a fellow actor in a drunken rage. Never replaced the stick but have gone through several deerstalkers over the years. But then I am a nerd and and have made a career of not caring what people think!

    1. . . . as a well as a pioneer in the field of making nerds look cool, so I could see how you could pull it off with style, Curtis!

    2. And I loved your talk at Gillette to Brett.

  2. If you check out page 28 of the research paper 'Sherlock Holmes in Australian Reasons for Judgment or Decision' by Leslie Katz you will see an illustration which " ... appeared on page 1 of the Bristol Observer for JUN 07 1890 (and doesn’t appear to have been reproduced again till now). It accompanied the Observer’s serialisation of chapter VII of the novel, The Sign Of Four. The illustration shows Holmes and Watson (looking distinctly like comic strip characters)following Toby as he attempts (unsuccessfully) to track those responsible for the murder of Bartholomew Sholto. Note Holmes’s headgear, a deerstalker cap.That illustration, by an unidentified illustrator, was the first ever to depict Holmes wearing a deerstalker cap."