Sunday, December 29, 2013

The most economical television show of 2013.

I was reading a recap of television's best shows for 2013 this morning and came to an interesting realization. For all the impact Sherlock had on us in 2013, it really wasn't a 2013 television show. The last series appeared in 2012. We did, however, get a full seven minute minisode of Sherlock on December 24th, so technically, Sherlock was a 2013 show. Check IMDB if you doubt it.

221B Con. Kickstarter projects. A goodly presence at San Diego Comicon. YouTube music videos. Fanfic drama. And that looming specter hanging over every episode of its American aftershock, Elementary. Sherlock has been with us all year long.

And yet, we only got seven minutes of it in 2013.

When compiling "Best of 2013" lists this week as we prepare for 2014, I'm sure most TV critics will leave out Sherlock and its seven minute runtime for this entire year. But if there were a category for "Biggest presence with the least screen-time for 2013," I'd say Sherlock wins that award hands down.


  1. As with any good publicity effort, the pre-launch press efforts always take place in the months leading up to the launch. And given that we were treated to information about casting, filming and location shoots for the show, it was very much in the press throughout 2013 in the run-up to it's Jan. 1, 2014 debut.