Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Sherlock Holmes ice cream flavor.

There are actually fields of endeavor untouched by the legend of Sherlock Holmes, as impossible as that may seem.

Take ice cream flavors, for example. Ben and Jerry's, Baskin-Robbins, any of the great ice cream flavor creators . . . have any of them come up with a "Sherlock Holmes" flavor? I don't think so. And why should they? Tobacco is probably the flavor most associated with Holmes, and there's an ice cream variety that no one has ever gone looking for.

So what would the perfect Sherlock Holmes ice cream flavor be?

Watson seems easy. Described as "thin as a lath and brown as a nut," something with thin strips of caramel laid through a nut-filled ice cream would work just fine for Watson.

And brother Mycroft? Well, occasionally he is "the British Govern-Mint." Something with a solid minty flavor would do nicely.

But Sherlock Holmes. Good old Sherlock Holmes . . . what flavor would we concoct for him?

Something tied to that little "chocolate and silver volume" he pulled down from his garret to look up "The Lion's Mane?" Too minor a reference, and "silver" doesn't bring anything tasty to mind.

Something with teeny-tiny red licorice pipes mixed in? Little gummy trouts in the ice milk?

Ah . . . milk.

As in "milk and biscuits," something served to a client at Baker Street in "The Adventure of the Priory School." Biscuits, that thing Sherlock Holmes used to break his fast in "The Dying Detective."

Biscuits, or as we say in America, cookies. And milk, well, it does contain cream in its unhomogenized state. So if we go for "Sherlock Holmes's Milk and Biscuits Ice Cream," we're basically getting a "cookies and cream" variant. Throw in a touch of Sussex honey into the recipe, and I think we have a winner.

"Sherlock Holmes's 221-Bee Biscuits and Milk." And that's my final answer.

Have any Sherlockian ice cream flavor ideas of your own? Give it a go, because nobody loses with more ice creams.


  1. Mouse colored robe? Can you use that one. Or brown study!

  2. something with a red circle?

  3. "My collection of M & M's is a fine one," said he.

  4. You've forgotten the cocoa mention in PRIO, maybe with a touch of vam-berry from MUSG.