Monday, July 11, 2016

An overlay upon reality.

The world got weird today.

In four days . . . four days . . . literally . . . LITERALLY . . . hundreds of millions of people all over the world started seeing imaginary characters in their daily life.

And interacting with them.

Generations of marketing combining with a breakthrough killer app, and something new took place. I mean, it's not every day that you're sitting at your desk in a place of business when someone walks up and informs you there is one of those imaginary creatures sitting on the floor three feet away from you. But it's okay, they're going to catch it.

Remember when the idea of pretending Sherlock Holmes was a historical figure was just too silly for some Sherlockians?

That catches me a lot these days. Being a Sherlockian used to mean, perhaps, considering yourself a little more odd than the average Joe or Josephine. Head in the foggy clouds filling Baker Street, all that. I mean, Sherlock Holmes, right?

Out there, living to a ripe old age. And our fellow Sherlockians, wandering up and down Baker Street, trying to spot which house he lived in, even though the address was a little bit impossible. Trying to find Baskerville Hall, Saxe-Coburg Square, and all those other places where Holmes once trod.

And all that without a cell phone to point the way or show you Dr. Watson standing invisibly nearby.

The world got a little weird today. It also seems just a little bit lazier in its weirdness than us old school weirdos.

These kids today . . . tsk.

(Aaaaaa, who am I kidding? It just got too popular before I had a chance to jump on the bandwagon.)


  1. It actually got more kids outside, though they don't seem to notice.

  2. Any fandom I'm a part of are perfectly normal, but those other ones? Weirdos.

  3. My 90 year old mother actually had a couple of guys (friendly guys) come up to her, while we were at a park, and explain that if she sees people walking around with there phones (which they were) that it was something on that day quite normal.