Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Holy Book of Sherlock, third iteration.

Well, I seem to have forgotten to tell anyone yet again . . . .

This past Sunday, the Sherlock Peoria road show made a stop at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington-Normal, where I delivered my talk "The Holy Book of Sherlock Holmes" to a very receptive audience. Summer services at the Unitarian Universalist churches of Central Illinois make good use of lay speakers, and I've gotten a lot of public speaking practice at them . . . many times on topics other than Sherlock Holmes.

The U.U.s are very much beneficiaries of my training in the Sherlockian world, where delivering papers at scion society meetings and weekend workshops showed me that I could actually get comfortable at a podium or behind a microphone. (To be fair, that is also something many a karaoke audience may actually have a vendetta against Sherlockiana for as well.)

This Sunday's talk was not only well received, but had a pretty good amount of questions. Sherlock Holmes is in so many people's lives, maybe not as much as some of us, but still there. And they like to hear about him. It's always a good experience going out to talk about Sherlock Holmes, the sort of good time you forget how good it is until you get back into it.

So in the run up to a typical Sherlock talk to an audience of primarily non-Sherlockians, I tend to forget to mention it to Sherlockian friends. They pretty much know everything I'm going to say, so I tend to forget that some of them might like to hear it anyway. My apologies to anyone who might have liked to come and missed out.

Now, on to the next thing . . .

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