Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I think I get it now . . . .

I had an epiphany this week about Sherlock shipping. It only took a few 221B Cons, a whole bunch of podcasts, and a lot of idle pondering of all the data, but I think . . . and I say this with all possible lack of authority . . . I understand it now.

It just makes perfect sense. Really.

And I was going to write about it here. I mean, that's what blogging is, right? Keeping a sort of public journal as the thoughts and experiences as they come along. But every now and then, you get a thought that's just too charming to put it out in the ol' blog shop window. This is one you save for the special customers that have just the right sensibilities. The ones you allow into the back room where you keep the good stuff.

What makes my little shipping epiphany so rare and special to me? Because I wasn't supposed to get it . . . the whole point of what I finally understood was that I shouldn't understand it. And I can't understand it. Not at all. But I do.

Hee hee hee hee.

That's not madness, as much as that sure seems like it. It's the comfortable giggle that comes with seeing the big picture and going, "That's just fine." Not that I get to pass judgment on entire art forms.  No, no, no. One just likes to be comfortable existing in the same world as said art form, see its place in the universe, why one shouldn't play in that park . . . at least if you're me. Or someone like me.

But it's all good, as the colloquialism goes.

And something I look forward to actually discussing with actual humans sometime, rather than just pouring my thoughts into a keyboard without any consultation with my betters. Which we all are to each other at some point.

But I hate to end this post without giving your some sort of epiphany-type thought for putting up with what surely comes off as a tease that could potentially have nothing but hot air behind it.

So here you go . . . what if Elementary is just Moonlighting with the romance and comedy removed? David Addison's ne'er-do-well brother Richard comes to town and starts romancing his partner (and apprentice of sorts) in the detective business? Only the brother has criminal issues . . . .

Sound like anything we've seen in the last few years?

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