Thursday, July 18, 2019

Elementary, Season Seven, Episode Nine: The dog welder.

Looks like another Odin Reichenbach episode, if the "previously on" recounting is an omen. Get ready for the spoilers, and maybe a few cries of "Where's Clyde the turtle?"

Since Joan Watson is playing with toy cars on a city layout on the floor as the show opens, it's the kind of scene that once had Clyde in it, and I miss him for a moment. Then the welder-on-welder violence starts, with a little Steely Dan in the background. Awfully mellow music for a murder, eh wot?

KFC is selling Cheeto-coated chicken sandwiches? Are they just targeting the natural curiosity of Elementary-watchers who are now going, "What must that taste like?"

Hearing Sherlock Holmes say "Occupied!" when Watson enters the bathroom without knocking is surely new among Sherlockian quotes. He was working with a safe submerged in the bathtub, however, and not doing the usual bathroom business. But that's a side issue to "the ghost of Brooklyn," a killer who seems to have returned, from DNA at the site.

The suspects in the murder of Caroline the welder start to roll in, and Joan Watson is on it. But Sherlock has found "the ghost of Brooklyn" who was not a killer at all, just a DNA assembly line worker who does lousy work. End of Act One.

Colon cancer tests? And dog food, make-up wipes, wireless network, a women's razor, pain reliever, other CBS shows. An astute Sherlockian might try to profile the average Elementary viewer from the list. My personal deduction is an older woman who is concerned about her safety at home. Except if said Elementary viewer owns that dog for household protection, this episode of Elementary murdered a nice lady with a whole lot of barking dogs right off, so maybe they'd better run home security commercials next.

But Sherlock and Marcus Bell go talk to every dog bit victim in the area to see if Caroline the welder's dog tried to help them identify the killer. And then Sherlock and Joan talk about the whole Odin Reichenbach thing for a minute and the parts Sherlock was keeping to himself. Seems awfully paltry for using the whole "previously on" for it, but we shall see.

Wait . . . "On the Scent" is the name of this episode. Maybe those dogs can still do something in the night-time, or the day-time. If we can get past accusing pink-haired ladies who take thyroid pills. Oh, wait, Ollie the German shepherd seems to be missing. Dogs! End of Act Two.

Home software. More wireless network. Moisturizer. Aussie steakhouse. Hmm. That last one is curious, eh?

Marcus Bell and Captain Gregson get a solo scene, revealing that Ollie was a drug-sniffing dog. We've gone from a ghostly serial killer to random killer bit by a dog to dog-nappers involved in the marijuana industry.

Meanwhile, Sherlock and Joan discuss Odin Reichenbach some more and Sherlock's contacts with "agents of the Crown" who may have something by the time this episode is over.

But meanwhile, Marcus, Joan, and Sherlock have to got to a marijuana gang's off-track betting to follow up on the dog. The ganglord keeps his lawyer behind a wall he can bang on, which is pretty cool for a ganglord. But Joan's snapped a lot of secret phone pics of the screens in the room, and just as Joan and Sherlock deduce it has something to do with trains, Ollie the dog turns up in a trainyard.

Someone stole a million dollars worth of marijuana using Ollie. End of Act Three.

Smartphone on same wireless network. Same pain reliever. Almond milk. Anti-perspirant. Department store. Diabetes medicine. Hmm.

Not much time left to solve the case and hear something about Odin Reichenbach. But this is Elementary, they can do it. Sherlock, Joan, and Marcus confront the killer with all the evidence they have, including things they found out during the commercial break. And just as Ollie the dog backs up their play by finding the stolen pot, our local station breaks in accidentally to promote the 10 PM news. Ollie returns, and . . .

ODIN REICHENBACH!!! In his limo with his own personal Anthea, filling him in on things. And I swear to Godfrey Staunton, she says "John Watson" is getting too close. Really. I'm sure she said "John." But Odin says he's going to handle Joan Watson personally, which is our cliffhanger for next week. And speaking of cliffs, there are only three episodes left and the Wikipedia episode guide says that last episode is "Reichenbach Falls."

Was Odin Reichenbach's main function just to make that title possible? We shall see.

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  1. So the reason they find the killer is because it must be a women because the intimate neighbor wouldn't mistake the welder murderer for Caroline unless was a women. Which leads to women lawyer. Which leads to bookcase in picture which now leads to lawywrs brother who would not be mistaken for a woman.