Saturday, July 27, 2019

Elementary, Season Seven, Episode Ten: Devil's foot models!

"Three Students" reference at square one this week! And a VR solving of it at that.

And here's Odin Reichenbach at Holmes and Watson's front door, so -- SPOILERS! -- it's Elementary time! And a podcaster is involved with a true crime movie called "The Devil's Foot," so they're going all in on this one. And a murder walking tour thrown in for the pre-titles corpse discovery

Wait, "The Devil's Foot" happened in 1910 in Elementary world, Tregennises and all? And it wasn't solved by Sherlock Holmes? This is certainly the weirdest means of Canonical tie-in Elementary has done. And Sherlock is helping the guy whose theory solved it sue Hollywood? It's original!

Joan Watson and Marcus Bell are out solving the main case of the week, the corpse found by the murder tour. No, wait, Sherlock is out in the alley. But once Joan and Marcus discover an apartment packed with fashion models, Sherlock magically appears. I don't think anyone has ever questioned Jonny Lee Miller Sherlock's heterosexuality. (No, wait . . . if it's conceivable, someone in fic world has gone there.) But, secret passage to apartment of models is our first commercial break stinger.

If we go by promos, Elementary's place on CBS is being taken this fall by Luke Cage, demon-possession investigator. Guess "No ghosts need apply!" wasn't working out for the network.

I hope Joan does something worth a mention on The Watsonian Weekly's news segment. She's our major media Watson flagship, and we need news!

Wow, Sherlock Holmes can deduce a man is wearing thong underwear by the way he sits down. We're not in Victorian London anymore, Dorothy!

Well, Joan Watson can identify corpse-flies on sight.

I get kinda bored and start playing until MC Autocat comes on, doing his knock-off Daft Punk thing (or maybe Deadmau5 -- cat, mouse, natural parody switch).  Elementary could have an entire dictionary of its "things that are named like generic versions of real world things," which happens in most film and TV, but here it always seems to jump out.

Ooops, everybody is ganging up on someone behind a desk -- that means they're the killer and the show is about done. Elementary has certain "tells" that a familiar viewer gets very used to. And since the criminal has been found, it's time for the over-arching plot thread if it's going to happen . . . and now it's Odin Reichenbach time!

Reichenbach's killer-predicting software predicted a killer that Sherlock and Joan didn't let him stop, so . . . they're supposed to feel guilty for not letting him kill potential killers?

But Sherlock's pappy Morland Holmes is showing up in the preview of next week's show to help Sherlock with his problem, but is it his Reichenbach problem? One starts to envision Sherlock Holmes's dad appearing at Reichenbach Falls when Moriarty is about to fight him. Ah, well, next week is the third-to-last episode, so Morland is due to show up. Going to be a real shame if we don't get Moriarty as well, but, alas, probably too much to hope for.

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