Monday, March 16, 2020

The rarest Sherlock Holmes books of all!

We all want to find that rare old Sherlock Holmes book, tucked away in some forgotten corner of an over-stocked vintage bookseller. Or maybe we prefer eBay, this being 2020. In any case, there occasionally comes a find like no other, a book that, not only we haven't seen before, but that we can't find listed in any resource, online or off.

Did I just find such a book, and am now posting to brag about it? Did you have a little thrill up your spine when you saw the image above this paragraph? And did you, like Paul Thomas Miller might have rightly done, see that author's name at the bottom and curse the villain who bedevils poor Sherlockians with book covers created in Photoshop?

With our computer fakery resources we can now imagine such wonders as non-existent books and actually show our friends. We can, if we feel the urge (or the guilt, as happened last fall) to attempt to create that imaginary book. And while that's possible, until time travel is invented, we can't actually seed those things in some hidden spot in the past for our future finding. But still, there is just a little joy in imagining such things, and, maybe, for a moment, thinking that the Mandela effect just might have taken them from this Earth at some point. (Or maybe I'm creating a future Mandela effect here. hmm.)

In any case, some night's I just enjoy playing in Photoshop, as do many others. But this time, I'm not spending a month writing the words that fit inside the mythical cover my Photoshop time produced!

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  1. What if... You just made pdf covers we could download and wrap any random hardback in? For science.