Monday, March 23, 2020

Things Get Weird

Are things a little weirder than normal where you are yet?

Not anything seeming to directly having to do with the circumstances in which we find ourselves, you understand. I mean, we spend a lot of times in our houses normally. But yesterday, a Sunday, when I'm normally just hanging around, working on the Watsonian Weekly, I found myself fencing with a life-size Sidney Paget Sherlock, using a Hello Kitty baseball bat, to the the Beastie Boy tune used in a Star Trek movie.

Things are getting weird.

Later that day, I came up with a bigfoot hoax and recruited the only confederate available to give my clan something to ponder on Snapchat. I don't think it will take Sherlock Holmes to debunk my Rodger-Baskerville-ish cryptozoological scheming, but then, I wasn't trying to take over the Keefauver ancestral estate, either. (It's only existed for one generation anyway.)

Actual photo from Keefauver Hall

Saturday was Swearlock Holmes GIF day, so I guess it wasn't a sudden shift. 

The thing is, this is only the start of the shift that in our axis of "normal." Has it only been a week? After organizing on online dance-off for later in the week, tonight I had to try to hit the mental reset button with a little jigsaw puzzle and Blackbeard's Ghost on Disney Plus. (Did 1960s Disney just go, "Hey, let's make The Ghost and Mrs Muir a buddy comedy!"?) And why are so many jigsaw puzzles art of bookshops? This is about my third bookshop jigsaw puzzle.

Well, tomorrow night, who knows what will happen? Another "Watson House Calls" podcast is partially done, so there might be that. But beyond that? Who knows?

Things are getting weird. But then, I guess they didn't start all that normal here in Sherlock Peoria land, anyway. On we go!

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