Sunday, January 23, 2022

Many happy returns!

 The return of the eighties Sherlock Holmes society, the Montague Street Incorrigibles, has been a fun little trip into clubbing to celebrate Holmes's birth month. There was no real purpose to bringing it back other than to add a little something to last Friday's virtual pub night, but now we have some lovely membership certificates, thanks to Madeline Quinones, a membership roster, and no real purpose or goal . . . for this year.

As next January approaches, I think we'll see the Incorrigibles return on Zoom and see if we can turn it into an annual affair. The night of the BSI dinner needs an online event for those who can't go to a dinner in New York, even if the alternative dinner is back next year, and the Dangling Prussian seems suitable for that. But next year is a long ways away.

So for now, the membership lists are being sealed away, no more induction rituals being performed, no more certificates being sent (unless corrections need to be made for those who were present this time). There's always next year, and we shall not speak of the one person who attended the BSI dinner and still managed to get into the Incorrigibles this year, lest it encourage other loophole inductions.

Because, frankly, I need to return to the Sherlockian Chronology Guild, the society whose newsletter does things more often than just January.  Because there is still a January newsletter to get out. And a chronology talk to give at the Crew of the Barque Lone Star meeting in a couple of weeks. And a chronology panel at 221B Con in April, which is at least three newsletters away.

The post-January-festivities Sherlockian road is always back to the mines of the Canon to swing that pick axe some more and hope some new nugget of value gets knocked loose, and here we are. Hope all your returnings are happy ones this month, because 2022 might just be quite the year if we get our virus issues sorted. Hope springs eternal, or "we have much to hope from flowers," or something like that.

On we go.

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