Friday, January 14, 2022

The Untasted Breakfast Club

  Yes, there's a bit of Zoom madness to this weekend, but why not? Folks are pushing their personal envelopes for Sherlock Holmes on this weekend every year, so let's go with one more bump of the Great Detective.

Saturday morning, 9 AM Central, 10 AM Central, Apologies Pacific, and mid-afternoon London-time,  will be the first meeting of the Untasted Breakfast Club, for anyone who feels they might need to serve detention for their events the night before (and those who just want to gossip about same).

We have the technology, some of us need more checks on that Legion of Zoom meeting list, and I don't think anyone else is meeting at that time on Saturday.

No agenda, no speakers, just an open time to show up and chat, review, and maybe watch a rerun of something you missed the night before, if enough folks want it. But who knows? Sherlockian societies often evolve suddenly and without warning, so the Untasted Breakfast Club might even go somewhere else entirely.

Here's a registration link! 

(After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.)

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