Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is Sherlock Holmes a Guardian of the Galaxy?

Okay, what follows is not me trying to get my fellow Sherlockians to go see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That film is incredibly AWESOME in its own right, and I shall leave that choice to your own individual tastes. As a kind of melding between Star Wars and a Marvel Comics movie, it's right in my particular sweet spot, and having see in twice already in the first two and a half days it's been out there, I've already decided that the movie has everything I could possibly want in a movie . . . including Sherlock Holmes.

Well, sort of.

Without giving any spoilers, etc.,  I can say this: There is a particular moment in Guardians of the Galaxy where a particular rogue's plans are foiled by the appearance of an Invernesse-cape-wearing figure at a key moment. Sure sounds like Sherlock Holmes, doesn't it?

And it is Sherlock Holmes.

Well, sort of.

Like a lot of the elements in Guardians of the Galaxy, this particular Sherlock Holmes dates back to a time when I was a lot younger and doing things like picking up the first appearance of a fellow named "Star-lord" at the same time I was picking up as many Sherlock Holmes pastiches as I could find at the campus book-store. And it's always good to see a bright and shiney new thing that touches on key points in our personal nostalgia banks.

So count me as a happy camper this weekend. Guardians of the Galaxy has a Sherlock Holmes tie-in.


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