Thursday, August 28, 2014

Upon genetically casting obscure Canonical characters.

Let's talk about Jeremy Brett's cousin for a second.

Until today, I didn't know I had seen a lot of Jeremy Brett's cousin in the last few years. Or that he even had a notable cousin. Ardent Brett fans are probably well aware that Martin Clunes of Doc Martin and many other roles was Jeremy's cousin, but it was news to me.

But once that fact was learned, a follow-up though came, quick as lightning: Martin Clunes needs to play Dr. Verner. Don't know where or how, but he just has to play Dr. Verner.

You remember Doc Verner, don't you? The distant relation of Sherlock Holmes who purchased Watson's practice so John could move back to Baker Street in "Norwood Builder?" (If I loved nothing else about Sherlock fans, the fact that they made us comfortable calling Watson by his first name would do the trick.)

Jeremy Brett's cousin playing Sherlock Holmes's cousin. Too perfect.

Now that we've had Benedict Cumberbatch's parents playing Sherlock Holmes's parents and Mrs. Martin Freeman playing Mrs. John Watson, it's a trend we might as well keep going. Someone could cast Mira Sorvino to play Alice Rucastle opposite Paul Sorvino playing Jephro Rucastle. Someone could even cast Jonny Lee Miller to play Sherlock Holmes for the first time opposite Jude Law's Waston. (They were room-mates once.)

Of course, Dr. Verner certainly hasn't gotten enough screen time yet, so he'd make a fine start.


  1. Didn't know that bit about Mrs. Martin Freeman (I don't pay attention to credits) Now - can we find a Rathbone out there to play the great-grandson of S.H.?

  2. I take it Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman are not married as, although they have been together since 2000 and have 2 kids, they are always listed as just longtime partners in everything I've ever read. The line casting Jonny Lee Miller to play Sherlock Holmes for the first time - is classic Brad! (and completely accurate in my estimation too.)