Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Emmy-award-winning Sherlock . . . already.

Today was a little confusing.

"The Emmys are tonight???" came a text message in the mid-afternoon.

It's Saturday, I thought. Awards shows are never on Saturday nights! No one would ever watch them. So I do a quick check . . . yes, the Primetime Emmys aren't until August 25th. On a Monday.

A little more time goes by.

A tweet pops up from the Baker Street Babes: "Good luck to #TeamSherlock at the Emmys tonight!"

What? This requires a little research. Which, these days, is a few keystrokes . . . .

Oh, there's a "Creative Arts Emmy Awards!" That one they have for the tech geeks where some starlet hands out trophies, that they show brief clips of on the regular show . . . or is that the Oscars? Ah, well, so there's this other Emmy thing on tonight. And BBC's Sherlock is up for seven awards.

Yeah, we're supposed to call it "PBS's Sherlock" here in the states, but it's not like Ben and Marty were here in the states filming the thing, was it. ("Ben and Marty" -- where did that come from? A little punchy tonight.)

Anyway, I'm not sure where one would watch the "Creative Arts Emmy Awards," so, like everyone else, I wait to see if news bits pop up once it's done. And eventually, there they are:

Casting . . . DENIED!
Cinematography . . . WIN!
Costumes . . . DENIED!
Single Camera Picture Editing . . . WIN!
Music Composition . . . WIN!
Sound Editing . . . WIN!
Sound Mixing . . . DENIED!

Suddenly we have "the Emmy-award winning Sherlock!" Even before Emmy night on the old tee-vee.

And now it's . . . "Emmy-century, my dear Watson!"?

"Emmys a-plenty, my dear Watson!"??

"Emmys-but-not-for-thee, my dear (Joan) Watson!"??

In any case, there's now Sherlock "Emmy gentry, my dear Watson!"

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  1. I searched 'Ben and Marty' and got 'Ben and Marty's Bagel Tour of New York! Is that a Sherlockian stop during the festivities?