Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Sherlockian red carpet?

Okay, we have definitely entered an entirely new age of Sherlockiana.

When an article from the Daily Mail online touts "Elementary, my dear Natalie: Game Of Thrones star Dormer joins Ian McKellen at Sherlock Holmes exhibition party" and then shows video of celebrities posing for photographers on a red carpet outside a Sherlock Holmes exhibit . . . well, an elder Sherlockian definitely starts going, "This stuff never happened in the 1980s. Or 1970s. Or . . ."

Ian McKellen, of course, is a major movie star with a major Sherlock Holmes movie in the works with him as the great detective. Natalie Dormer, from the super popular TV show Game of Thrones and the upcoming box office juggernauts The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 and Part 2, is the sort of beautiful star the tabloids love to see on red carpets to note every detail of what she's wearing.

Oh, yes, and Ms. Dormer did play Jamie Moriarty in CBS's Elementary, some time ago.

Her appearance at the Museum of London's Sherlock Holmes exhibit is interesting, as it seems to demonstrate that she still feels some connection to the Holmes mythos, even though her career trajectory currently appears to be taking her far past Elementary's budgetary reach for guest stars. But who knows?

A Holmes and a Moriarty on the red carpet at a celebrity Sherlock Holmes event, though . . . who'd have thunk it?

I repeat myself a lot in this blog, but I feel justified in having another go at a theme I've hit again and again: Man, what a brave new Sherlockian world this is!

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