Monday, October 20, 2014

And then there was this level of boredom . . .

Sometimes, you just get too bored for words.

Yes, ol' Sherlock is everywhere these days and there's always some old clip that you missed on its first time around.  But one can get into a rut so very easily, and sometimes you need to, quite literally, blow off the dust just to shake things up.

So where was I blowing off the dust tonight?

Action figures. Those goofy, assorted action figures that made of something once called "Action Sherlock Brain Theater," because a.) It's about an action figure, and b.) His brain speaks in thought bubbles, because he's just that smart. (His brother Mycroft tends to do the same.)

So for this week, and this week only, Action Sherlock Brain Theater is going to ride again for five straight days, to see if he does anything interesting. Of course, the trick will be finding him first . . . and a few other things. The sets were struck over two years ago, when Action Sherlock seemed to go off that rooftop, as Sherlocks are wont to do.

When Action Sherlock Brain Theater was cancelled, back in June of 2012, CBS's Elementary had yet to premiere, so . . . well, I'm not sure what that means. Except that in the original draft of the first new episode of Action Sherlock, Edgar Allen Poe originally thought that he was in the Elementary Brownstone. Somehow he forgot that by the time he made it to the set . . . laudanum, you know.

Anyway, to find out what's happening back on Baker Street, Action Sherlock style, head over to the new . . . and possible temporary . . . companion blog, Action Sherlock Brain Theater.

It still needs work.

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