Wednesday, October 29, 2014

That Thursday TV Schedule.

Hey, this Thursday is "National Watch A Random TV Show And Call The Main Character Sherlock Holmes Day!"

Let's look and see who some of the contenders are in the night's listings:

"The Biggest Loser"
"Fixer Upper"
"Rehab Addict"
"Laugh at My Pain"
"How To Get Away With Murder"

What is it with Thursday nights and shows that are just sort of  . . .  not something we associate with Sherlock Holmes?

Ah well, there's always the On Demand. Catching up on Forever is always cool.


  1. Season 7 of the "Murdoch Mysteries" is out on DVDs, in lieu of Jonny Lee Elemental, I shall watch the episode of it called "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" featuring Anthony Gower as a man who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes. It has quite a few references from "The Adventure of the Gloria Scott", which already makes it a potentionally better choice than that alternative random TV show.

  2. Sure it's not titled "How To Get Away With Scandal"? I don't watch it, but really, the the trailers leave me feeling vaguely dirty.