Sunday, October 26, 2014

The turtle opens up.

Apparently Action Sherlock wasn't the only one speaking in cartoon thought balloons this week -- over at, Clyde the turtle is counting down to season three of Elementary. You'll remember Clyde as one of those random elements that the creators of CBS's Elementary threw in to their unique version of the Holmes mythos to help make their detective quirky.

And what kind of thoughts does Clyde have?

"I can't believe the genius detective still hasn't realized I am the one taking the socks from the dryer."

Clyde's level of disrespect for Mr. Elementary is apparently pretty high.

"Detective Clyde, it has a nice ring  to it."

Clyde seems to think that anyone can be a consulting detective, which is quite natural given the fact that Joan Watson appears to be taking over the job from Mr. Elementary after minimal training.

"I spy with my tortoise eye . . ."

Clyde has a somewhat cliched and juvenile sense of humor, or else an invisible friend whom he plays games with.

"Does this sweater make me look fat?"

Clyde is not only disrespectful of Mr. Elementary, he appears to be mocking Joan Watson's fashion taste, body sense, and gender here.

"Turtle soup is NOT on the menu."

Clyde is not a cannibal. Good to know. It was bad enough Mr. Elementary was sleeping with Moriarty and not knowing it, but if he kept the Hannibal Lechter of pets in his house without knowing it, that would be something else entirely.

"Sherlock! I wasn't done reading this one yet."

Given the rest of Elementary, I think Clyde may be referring to one of the sixty stories of the original Canon. Poor guy is probably still reading it at turtle pace, trying to find the story where he appears.

Use Mr. Moon's Moonfind, Clyde! And get ready for disappointment.

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