Monday, October 13, 2014

Chauncey Nichols.

The 2014 fall television season has brought us a lot of folks a tad reminiscent of our friend Sherlock Holmes so far, but in a little over a week, we'll also be getting another show that a Holmes fan might want to note, so let's review that show's premise:

1.) A recovering heroin addict detective who is getting a fresh start in New York City.

2.) A ruined surgeon who has become a paid addiction companion, hired by a wealthy man to live with his son, the addict detective.

3.) The deceased love of the addict detective's life, whose death is largely responsible for his breakdown and drug dependence, and who turns out not only to be alive, but to be a major criminal of some sort.

4.) The addict detective's brother, a restauranteur who is working with the mob in New York as a pawn of MI6. The ruined surgeon falls in love with the brother and eventually moves in with him.

Had this show with the details listed above come on a major network and called the detective "Chauncey Nichols," I doubt a single Sherlockian would care much about the start of its third season. We'd be talking about Ioan Gruffud in Forever, or whatever Benedict Cumberbatch is doing between Sherlock seasons, or maybe the original stories of Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson, two lifelong friends who raised the art of detection to previously untouched heights.

But for those of you curious about "Chauncey Nichols," and how his story begins its third season on October 30, here's a synopsis from The Futon Critic site. *SPOILER ALERT* (We used to just call this the TV Guide description, back when spoilers had not been invented yet.) The names have been changed to protect the innocent (as in "the original Canonical characters").

"Chauncey Nichols returns to New York with a new apprentice and a renewed interest in working with the NYPD after being fired by London's MI6. However, Captain Martin won't let him resume consulting for the department without the permission of his former partner, Marge, the NYPD's go-to private investigator."

Boy, that Chauncey Nichols sounds like kind of a loser, doesn't he? Well, we'll be finding out come October 30th, just what ol' Chauncey has going for him as he confronts villain Allison March (didn't have to change that name at all).

*Heavy sigh*  Here we go again.


  1. I'm still trying to understand why that show even got a third season. I probably shouldn't bother...

  2. "Boy, that Chauncey Nichols sounds like kind of a loser, doesn't he?"

    Yeah, a serious loser. He's almost as bad as that lonely, dimwitted, weak-willed, old geezer who had to be rescued from suicide by a traumatized, orphaned, teenage alcoholic, whom he secretly lusted after while simultaneously regarding her as a daughter and student. Yeah, nothin' perverted goin' on in THAT scenario. /sarcasm off

    Instead of the cumbersome "Chauncey Nichols," you might want to use the pithier SHINO: Sherlock Holmes in Name Only. Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the acronym; it was given to me by an online acquaintance. I can lay claim to JWINO and DWINO, though: John/Doctor Watson in Name Only.

    In other Sherlockian TV news, this week's episode of Supernatural is called "Reichenbach," and guest stars Curtis Armstrong as the angel Metatron. It's on tonight at 8 PM CT on the CW.

    Andarta Woodland

  3. I'm with Manette; WTH? (Chauncey isn't even worth an F-bomb.)

    Korina, going back to Forever, where the *real* Sherlockians hang out

    1. Interesting thing about "Forever" . . . I don't mean to keep watching it, but somehow I just wind up there, and always finish out the episode. So even though I'm not completely sold on it yet, it must have something!

    2. Ioan Gruffudd? (I had to look up the spelling. Ah, Welsh.) ^__^