Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The distraction that is Sherlock Holmes.

What is it that we love about Sherlock Holmes?

That question has been asked in many ways, and answered in even more, over the last century. Holmes delights, he entertains, he shows us what a human being might be capable of, as so many other heroes of story and legend have, as long as our species had the capacity for communication. Looking back on my personal experience, and today of all days, he provides me with distraction.

Whether it's in a particularly well-written pastiche, pushing one's focus into the details of the original stories to do a little research, or the charming conversation of Sherlockian friends, there are so many times when Holmes gives me something to think about when I've got a little empty space to fill.

And apparently, as evidenced from the frequency of this blog of late, one might surmise I've had some waiting spaces to fill, needing distraction. I might have even trolled the "we're better than you" subclass of Sherlockian life forms, just for kicks. (Well, that, and the fact they might need a kick now and then.) Sherlock Holmes is a good companion for those points in our lives when we can do nothing but wait.

"Well, what are we to do now?" Inspector MacDonald once asked Sherlock Holmes.

"Possess our souls in patience, and make as little noise as possible," Holmes replied.

So today, I wait. And Sherlock Holmes waits along with me, distracting me every now and again, as he is apt to do.

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