Sunday, February 28, 2016

221B Con on the horizon.

So I'm watching BBC Sherlock's "Abominable Bride" this morning, just in case there are any ripe cosplay ideas ready to fall off the tree for 221B Con, and when Mike Stamford came on screen, I actually stopped for a moment to appreciate this rare character who actually got to participate in the same story, performing the same function, in two eras. I like his glasses, and wonder for a moment how quickly a bargain optometrist could produce a similar pair. But the show moves on, and so do I.

Watson's empty chair . . . fun idea, tricky to rig up in a way that would be con-functional for walking around. That bride outfit . . . oh, I have a friend who would love to help put me in that one, but the lace looks a bit pricey. Various Victorian outfits . . . nothing jumping out. Colorful Klan robes . . . in Atlanta? In America whatsoever? No way. Cosplay is just not ever going to be my specialty, I guess, which is okay, because there's some real talent out there.

And then, about five minutes before "Bride" got over with, I stumbled into the news on Twitter: David Nellist is going to be a guest at that same 221B Con this year. Yes, he of Mike Stamford celebrity, modern and Victorian versions, is coming to the con. Very nice.

We're just about a month out from heading for Atlanta and that Sherlock con which was my first and favorite. (Talking cons here, not symposiums or workshops. Those are an entirely different affair.) The excitement is starting to ramp up, the feeling that I'm never going to be quite ready for it. The training starts now. Why training?

Well, there's Ali's Cookies. At last year's 221B Con, I made about four trips over to Ali's Cookies in Perimeter Place and was eating them for breakfast most days. Seriously good cookies.

And then there's the attempt to squeeze as much con in as poss . . .

[And there the blog post writer wandered off, looking into other matters of the weekend.]


  1. You can do both, 221B Con and The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes. This year all the speakers will be new. I believe that it is Minnesota's attempt to break into the next generation. The youngest speaker is still in High School. You can also wear your new costume to the banquet but it is not required.

  2. Macy told me she hopes Brad can get away from Ali's Cookies long enough to stop by her dealer's table and say hi! I responded perhaps you would have better luck setting up your table in Ali's Cookies. That got me an "OH!, DAD!". She will however have some great stuff, I gave her free reign in selecting things out of my collection.

    1. Hey, if Macy needs cookies, I can deliver to the table! Hope the stuff isn't too temptingly great, I don't need anything more in my collection!

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