Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Everything wrong with Sherlock Holmes? Say it isn't so!

Well, I suppose we had to get there eventually. Get a popularity wave going, get a couple of hit movies under the old dressing gown belt, and all of the reliable YouTube critic-humor series are going to get to Sherlock Holmes eventually. And thus we come to . . .

"Everything Wrong With Sherlock Holmes in 13 Minutes Or Less."

Luckily, it's not everything wrong with Sherlock Holmes, the whole Sherlockian Canon, century-and-a-quarter of legendary detection . . . it's just the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie. Phew.

The fast-talking Cinema Sins guy goes quipping and making his own rapid-fire observations and critiques through a thirteen minute recap of the film, and a lot of it is valid.

The most stinging critique is Mr. CinemaSins comments on how forgettable the movie was -- something people can start deciding a full six years after its release.

The most fun is the little bit at the end where CinemaSins dubs other movies' lines and soundtracks over scenes from the movie at hand. The first two clips are definitely cross-Sherlockian, though the first one might be a little tricky for some to remember.

But the title alone makes one want to see a real YouTube video of everything wrong with the original Conan Doyle Holmesian Canon . . . something that definitely couldn't be done in 13 minutes or less.

Unless one just accepts that  there's nothing wrong with the Doyle Canon, of course, which is the case. Because if you thought you ever found something wrong with the original sixty, some Sherlockian in the past hundred-and-twenty-something years has probably already written why it isn't wrong. (Conan O'Brien wasn't the first one to come up with "Fan Corrections" that turn "mistakes" around.)

And if you come up with a new wrong on that Sherlock, let us know. Somebody will explain why you're mistaken. It's what we do.

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