Sunday, February 14, 2016

Benedict give his All.

Well, Basil Rathbone never quite went this far . . . .

Basil Rathbone and Benedict Cumberbatch at two Sherlock actors I enjoy seeing in just about anything. Both have a very distinctive look, both play great villains, and both can command a big screen like nobody's business.

Basil just was born at the wrong time to appear in "Zoolander 2."

Oh, you may have heard the bad critic buzz. You may have heard that "Deadpool" murdered it along with some other box office competition, but "Zoolander 2" will always be remembered as the movie that gave us the angelic Benedict Cumberbatch that fan fiction always knew was out there.


As much as I dislike a movie or TV show for poorly pretending to be smart, I dearly, dearly love a show that just goes for the stupid with all its energy. And boy, do Zoolander movies go for the stupid. Derek Zoolander could be the polar opposite of Sherlock Holmes, though he does have his own Watson in Hansel. (Hmm. "John H. Watson." "John Hansel Watson?") But they throw a lot of parody on our superficial culture in along the way, and what did that bring us this time?

Benedict Cumberbatch as "All," the non-gender-specific "quing" of the modeling world. The bit of Benedict in that part we saw in the preview, looking so much like an Afghan hound, paled in comparison to that character's runway entrance in the movie, flying in like a dark angel of S and M, whipping the main characters in a way that would make Lara Pulver's Irene Adler proud . . . or jealous.

Cumberbatch's "All" doesn't do much in the plot other than represent how the modeling world has moved on from Zoolander and Hansel's day, but it's one of those parts that show us an actor isn't taking himself too seriously, which always makes you enjoy their serious parts just a little bit more. And with "Doctor Strange" on the horizon for later this year, it was a nice touch to see Benedict Cumberbatch sharing multiplexes with what could be his competition for breakout Marvel Comics character of 2016.

And really, Basil Rathbone would have made a pretty fair Doctor Strange as well. But "All," however?  Hmmm . . . maybe  . . . ?

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