Thursday, August 25, 2016

Over-exposure week.

You know how the saying goes . . .

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

When you're tired of lemonade and the lemons keep coming, get away from the lemon grove.

Because it's a lemon tree, my dear Watson!

Well, if nothing else, the over-promotion of a pair of Nevada actresses' fan-targeted work gave me the chance to use that chestnut this week.  I really don't want to disparage some real talent and energy from anyone taking up Weird Al Yankovic's chosen art form, but after a couple of my internet channels became a little too infatuated with the Sherlock based entry, to the point where I was blog-tied about even mentioning it here.

Said Sherlock parody video is the perfect example of both the greatness and the pain of internet culture: The chance for artists of any stripe to do great work and have it seen by a million people -- good thing. The chance for a single person to be over-exposed to a single thing by both highly enthused fans and content algorithms that alter your feed based on what a chunk of code thinks you like -- maybe not so good.

But it isn't really the internet's fault. We've had pop songs and commercial jingles battering our brains as long as radio and television existed. The internet is just one more powerful medium for us humans to exploit, or over-exploit, to the point of sometimes irritating our fellow humans.

But when life hands you Sherlocks, you do get to make Sherlock-ade.

The desire to get away from the over-promoting this week actually set me in a direction I might not have otherwise gone, Holmes-wise (more on that to come), so it's all good.

Because the Sherlocks are never going to quit coming, pre-apocalypse. Post-apocalypse, we'll see.

(Oh, Brad, why did you have to bring it down at the end by mentioning the apocalypse. Well, when life hands you apocalypses . . . .)


  1. Nice to see I wasn't the only one that felt bombarded with it. I really enjoyed the video; it was vey well done. But after a while, I got so tired of hearing about it!

  2. It was only on my dash for two times which isn't too bad.

  3. Over 1 million views, and over 87,000 likes in less than 5 days - mighty impressive numbers. I might get tired of lemonade, but I never get tired of lemon meringue pie.

    1. Yes, it was very cute and I enjoyed it for it's run time. But the constant reminders of how many views it was getting, how many likes it was getting, how I should shoot a reaction video, how many exhortations to watch it just kept coming . . . that got old quick.
      (Plus, I really liked their "Supernatural" video soooo much better.)