Saturday, January 6, 2018

A successful Sherlock Holmes birthday party!

Well, count me shocked today. I don't know why.

We filled the room for Sherlock Holmes's birthday party at Peoria's North Branch Library, drank some tea, at some cake, and had a lovely time. Steve and Rusty Mason stopped in on their way from Texas to New York City for next week's Sherlock celebrations, at least one brand-new Sherlockian started his journey into things Sherlockian, and I got to ramble on in front of a room full of people about the subject I love best.

Seeing as we were celebrating Sherlock Holmes's birthday, I made that the subject of my ramble through the hundred and thirty years of our favorite 164-year-old's public life all of his birthdays.

January 6, 1954, the one we were celebrating.

June 17, 1954, the one that got argued as a replacement, and didn't quite break through.

November 21, 1887, his birthday in print.

March 8, 1886, his birthday as ink handwritten on paper.

December 15, 1893, his stage birthday.

Re-birthday, film birthday, talkie birthday, radio birthday, TV birthday, TV series birthday . . . . like Frosty the Snowman, Sherlock Holmes always shows up for another birthday. I was even informed of an important one I missed -- his video game birthday!

Every time Sherlock Holmes has a birthday there is always a story behind it, so there were plenty of stories to tell about our hero as he has moved through time. No wonder the Sherlockian life has so many parties in it.

It was a really treat to get to talk with an audience who was pretty familiar with Sherlock and had the sort of questions and comments that entertain the guy in the front of the room as he's attempting to entertain them. Hopefully, we get some new recruits for our monthly short story discussion group from those in attendance -- there were definitely some good prospects in the crowd.

Sherlockian events in Peoria have always been a little hit-and-miss. Steve Mason was telling me our city was a lot bigger than he thought it would be, but we do still struggle to keep a Sherlockian society together a lot more than an Indianapolis or Minneapolis (maybe we should just change the name to "Peoriapolis").  But moments do come, and hopefully, will continue to come.

I'm very grateful to Deb Dukes of the North Branch Library for her efforts in organizing today's event, and also appreciative of all who came out.

Sherlock Holmes had a happy birthday in Peoria this year, and so did many a Sherlockian.

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