Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Sherlockian table for Trivia Night

Getting pulled in as a ringer for trivia nights is probably not uncommon for Sherlockians. Just generalizing here, but I think Sherlockians tend to know things, and you want people who know things on your trivia team. Trivia nights can range from great entertainment to frustrating ordeals, depending upon the folks running the show, and fundraisers . . . the ones I typically get called in for . . . are all over the map.

Tonight's particular specimen features a table decorating aspect, and when themes were being discussed, eventually I just went, "Make it Sherlock Holmes, and I can decorate it all day long." The rest of the crew agreed.

Of course, then came the issue of what to call the team. Given events of the day we were discussing it, someone immediately spouted "Shithole Sherlocks!" That got shot down immediately, though "No Shithole Sherlocks" might have gotten more traction, had we thought of it at the time. Another suggestion "The Why Did Xxxxx Put In This Sherlock?" but that was too specific-topic relating to Epic software's support system. (Named "Sherlock," so support tickets are called "Sherlocks" at our place of business.) And finally, someone cheerily suggested, "Let's call it 'Elementary!'"

And a certain me went, "Nope! It can be 'Elementary, My Dear [organizer's name here]," it can be 'Elementary, My Dear Trivia Night!' . . . but whatever it is, it has to have a 'my dear someone' on there, because the Sherlock Peoria guy ain't settlin' for no plain ol' Elementary!" (Sorry, fans of the CBS procedural. You do you, I have to do me.)

The final decision: "Elementary, My Dear."

Hints of Johnlockery, I am just fine with.

So then came the actual table decorating scheme. For a covering, I'm going with a dark plastic under-tablecloth with a Victorian lace over-tablecloth. One big statue of Holmes kneeling to look at footprints in the center of the inner half with a small collection of Victorian books with Holmes connection in the center of the outer half. Pipes littering the table, a couple of lanterns on either end, hats for all the team-members -- deerstalkers for the ladies, bowlers and bobby helmets for the gents. (Subtle political statement, and have you ever noticed that deerstalkers just look better on women? They have so much more fashion versatility.) Some magnifying lenses. A duck in a deerstalker for team mascot. (His name is Thirsty. It says so on his canteen.)  Since I still have a few hours left, there will probably be some additions and fine-tuning.

Will the Sherlock theme propel this team of eight to greater mental powers for the night?

Stay tuned.

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